VuelaVuela collaborated with Quenergia between end 2011 and first half of 2012, operating across different possibilities offered by Online Marketing.
Usability, web optimization, SEO, campaigns, anallytics and results monitoring.

Tests and usability improvements

After changes to its business model, the energy company needed to reflect these changes in your web, especially at the level of usability:navigation and page structure must accompany the business goals and users’s intentions.
With the new business model in mind, we prepared usability testing to collect relevant information.

With a card sorting, we was capable to structure a categorizations of products that was easily understandable andfunctional at the same time.

To test the old navigation have carried out some usability tests.

The end result was a prototype of a new navigation menu, with which users could get to products pages early and in a more intuitive way. Navigation could be carried out more satisfactorily and the conversion rate can increase significantly.

Menu Quenergia

Changes in navigation menu of Quenergia according to the results of usability testing – February 2012

After the test phase, we check through Analytics datathat an higher percentage of users were visiting the product pages..

Web optimization

To get good results in Google serps, a website has to be in full health, according to the W3C standards, quick to load.

W3C compliant code

We start with make the result code of the WordPress compliant to W3C standards, a factor that Google considers important when positioning a website.

Validación W3C Quenergia

W3C Validation Quenergía – June 2012

Performance optimization

Important not only for SEO, but also for a good user experience while browsing the web, the performance optimization of page download is crucial for the success of a web.
The analysis and results can be done with tools such as Google or Yahoo YSlow Page Speed​​.

Page Speed homepage Quenergia

Results tests Google Page Speed – July 2012

Product page optimization – SEO y UX

Insisting especially with the names of the pages and keywords related to the main products offered by Quenergía, we proposed a new structure and design for all product pages, trying to satisfy two objectives together, SEO on-page optimization and a good UX for align business objectives with page interaction.

We organised information by category for easy searching. Users view a brief product description and a button with the call to action “MORE INFO” leads directly to the form at the bottom of this page. This change has significantly increased the percentage of forms submitted respect to the number total visitors to the product pages.

The pages that collect traffic from Google and that contain information relevant to the user, generate conversions (in this case, request more information via a form). These are pages that manage to deliver the business objectives of the company: get new leads.

SEO strategy

With clear objetives, brand-new product pages, the code optimized, is the right moment for find a lot of users interested in products that the company sells.
With a series of well-indexed blog articles, we started with balancing internal links system, relating items and products with links and banners, and incorporating related products wanted better position items.

We monitored every keyword with SEOMoz, adjusting broken links and redirecting old inexistent pages.

We planned a link building strategy with the communication department, for increase pagerank and obtain qualified traffic, interested users.


Campaign Autumn 2012

For the promotion of different heating systems we have developed an interactive infographic that allowed the consumer to understand the impact and cost of your current heating system, to generate a first contact with the company’s business through a contact form. See infographic here.

Measuring results

Tracking the objectives achieved by the web and the results of different campaigns permit to think about possibles future actions for growing. Through a monthly report we informed the customer about all the results.

dashboard mayo 2013

Dashboard on web results. May 2013.

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